Nazar Amadin was born in Baghdad, Iraq on December 21, 1956. He moved to Chicago, IL in 1976 with his parents. Nazar was an incredibly gifted actor and director . He had a natural ability to morph himself into whatever character he reads about.
Nazar began acting after joining the Mar Gewargis Church (St. George’s Parish)and took part in the many plays the Church held. He has acted and directed in numerous Assyrian plays in his community such as Betan Khata, Gonkhe’t Semele, Assyrian Spaceship in Babylon (Markota’it Babel), Twins (Jamikeh), Akh Min Khimyani, and many many more. Out of all those plays, Betan Khata was the most critically acclaimed by all Assyrians due to the fact that many Assyrians went through the same problems as the family in the play did. Betan Khata did so well that Nazar and the rest of the crew went on a national tour with the play, which had them go to New York, California, Canada,and Australia. Nazar eventually was given a trophy for his work in Betan Khata. Due to his direct involvement in many plays, Nazar is known by almost the entire Assyrian community and on countless times has been asked for his autograph by many young adults who have seen him in the beloved play Betan Khata. He has made a lasting impact in the growth of the Assyrian Arts. He has inspired others to follow their dreams in acting and to pursue their goals. He is one of the earlier Assyrian actors who dedicated himself into reaching out to the Assyrian community into something that they trully own.
Nazar passed away on Sunday October 2nd. 2011 at approximatly 11:30 p.m……………………… at Home….  due to a severe heart attack


May God rest his soul in Peace and give his Family faith strength and patience
Nazar Amadin the son ofAwishalem and Awigal Amadin, left behind his wife Mary Hablo Amadin, his daughters Meriam and Elizabeth, and his sons Paul and Peter Amadin. Nazar’s brothers Faisal, Zaia, Shedrak and their families. His Sisters Muna, Magdolin and Jackline and their families. His Uncles (Mamounwateh) Elisha in Sydney, Esha in Bahrain and Mansour in Chicago, His Aunties Loudieh, Rahel, and Layla in Chicago. His Uncles (Khalounwateh) Shema and Nissan in Modesto, His Aunties (Khaltawateh) Maria and Soria in Modesto.
His Cousins Alfred, Sam, Wafa in Sydney. Mazen and family in Windsor Canada, Martin and Malek in Bahrain, Dawod, Lina,Dina, Samir, Janet, Juliet, Margret and Dobreh in Chicago, Gevara in Baghdad, Nabil in Damascus.