” NOW LISTEN”13th January 2013” Nohadra Radio Sh. David Gewargis,  Exclusive Interview with Frank Gilbert. Turkey. Director of Assyrian Movie ”PARKHONETA”, and Future Movie Projects.


Frank Gelbart (born November 15, 1981) in the ancient historical Arrapha, Kirkuk, is an Assyrian author, actor, story-script-dialect writer, director, painter, and lyric’s writer. He is the son of the great former Kirkuk soccer player Gelbart Youkhanis.
At an early age, Frank’s first walk into the world of art was through, painting and music. Frank participated in several art shows, notably, the Ashur Panipal Association art show. Frank also loved music and singing. He assembled a music band at the age of eighteen, taking part in Assyrian song conventions and music festivals. In 2002, Frank sang “Khubba Atouraya” for the Ashur Panipal Association, Assyrian song convention. Khubba Atouraya, was arranged by Ninos Benyamien.
Fascinated with classical films, Frank’s dream was to make a film about the Assyrian historical and modern nation. Frank decided to turn his dream into a reality, though hard work, dedication and education. Frank completed several certifications for film directing. In 2008, he was honored with excellence and ranked as top in the country for the certification of media production in Baghdad. In that course, he met the talented Nasir Hasan, which had a great impact on Frank’s film directing career.
In 2004, Frank worked in the Iraqi Media Net, and in the Arbkha Syriac radio station, as a translator and program manager. Frank directed many diverse programs such as Assyrian and Arabic video clips and documentaries for the Baba Kirkur station. He became a program manager of the Assyrian section for the Kirkuk TV channel. He later became a director for Iraq satellite channel and Al-Iraqiyyah channel. In addition, he was also an executive manager for Al-Muttahidah satellite channel and a technical manager for Arbil satellite channel.
Frank Gelbart is the author and director of Adam’s Idiocy 2009. As the Filming manager for the film “The File” , Frank received an award for the best filming manager in 2011 in the Erbil convention for “Fighting Abuse, Against Women.” Frank was also the lighting manger and actor in the 2012 Kirkuk series 4.
In 2012, Frank Gelbart wrote and directed Parkhoonita, the upcoming Assyrian film that marks history as the fist Assyrian film directed in Iraq.

Documentary films directed by Frank Gelbart:
The Citadel of Erbil.
The Poet Oshana Channo.
Saint George Ancient Church.
Tighten the Chords.
Shrine Between Sacred Places.
Lyrics written by Frank Gelbart:
Pushiyyah for Odisho Al-Jilo, 2011.
Sara for James.
Khtha Talta, Warda Sliwo.